Alfa romeo працює над новими giulietta і 4c — «alfa romeo»; авто — таксі

Alfa Romeo працює над новими Giulietta і 4C — «Alfa Romeo»

Нова 4С точно втратить механічну коробку передач, а Giulietta може отримати задній привід.

Після прем’єр седана Giulia і кросовера Stelvio портфель продуктів італійського автомобільного виробника Alfa Romeo помітно оновився. З чуток, в розробці знаходиться ще і компактний кросовер. Також стало відомо, що компанія веде розробку нового хетчбека С-класу Giulietta і компактного купе 4C. Про це повідомляє видання Auto Express .

Нову Alfa Romeo Giulietta можна було б побудувати на скороченій платформі седана Giulia. Це означало б появу рідкісного для С-класу заднеприводного хетчбека, останнім з яких був BMW 1 Series. Італійсько-американський концерн FCA, що володіє брендом Alfa Romeo, відмовляється від передньопривідних моделей цього сегмента ринку (Dodge Dart, Chrysler 200 і Lancia Delta), так від них занадто складно отримати прибуток.

Про розробку оновленої версії купе / родстера 4C стало відомо раніше. Однак Роберто Феделе розкрив карти, заявивши, що компанія розглядає довгострокову програму цієї моделі. Уже ставляться питання про зміну платформи і мотора Alfa Romeo 4C. На столі керівництва лежить кілька варіантів розробки.

Раніше стало відомо, що Alfa Romeo виявила в своїх автомобілях неякісну гальмівну рідину.

Alfa Romeo GT Reborn As 500-HP Giulia Quadrifoglio-Based Restomod

Alfa romeo працює над новими giulietta і 4c - «alfa romeo»; авто - таксі

The Alfa Romeo GT coupe is a classic by all definitions. The first model debuted in 1963 with the GT and GTV lines lasting until 1965, followed by the Veloce and Junior variants before the model was discontinued entirely in 1 977. But one company wants to relive that classic Alfa magic with a modern restomod of the Alfa GT that they call the Emilia GT Veloce.

German specialists Emilia Auto had the idea to shove a twin-turbocharged 2.9-liter V6 engine from the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio into the classic GT coupe. The result is a hearty 500 horsepower (372 kilowatts) and 443 pound-feet (600 newton-meters), paired to a modern eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

Beyond the obvious engine upgrade, Emilia Auto also fitted the GT Veloce with a modern KW coilover kit that features a fully independent suspension, with a double-wishbone front and a multilink rear setup. There’s also power adaptive steering, an electronic limited-slip differential, and borrowed from the modern Giulia, Brembo brakes and traction control.

Visually, the GT Veloce maintains a number of its classic cues; the iconic V-shaped grille and rounded headlight design are the most obvious holdovers. But in order to fit components like the V6 and the upgraded suspension, the Emilia Auto team tweaked the hoodlilne — giving it a more pronounced shape — reworked many of the body panels, and added LEDs to the headlight and taillight fixtures. Even the custom 19-inch wheels draw their inspiration from the Alfa GT’s original rims.

The interior follows a similar theme — the minimalist approach means that many of the original car’s beloved cues remain. Beyond the Recaro sport seats, the modern gauges, and the new air conditioning vents, the GT Veloce still uses a large wood-rimmed steering wheel. And even though it is automatic-only, the old-school shift knob remains within the center console.

«We have noticed that many potential customers — even though they are still fascinated by classic vehicles — are less tolerant these days when it comes to dealing with their weaknesses,» said Dr. Ralf-Hendrik Steinkuehler, founder of Emilia Auto. «Many beautiful cars, therefore, disappear in collections and are hardly ever driven anymore … that was the starting point for our

Restomod project.»

For now, the Emilia GT Veloce is merely a rendering. But the company is taking orders for a limited run of just 22 vehicles globally, with the first car planned to debut in the second half of 2022. The cost for this modern classic is a cool $ 473,000 at current conversion rates (€ 400,000).

Alfa Romeo GT restomod packs Giulia Quadrifoglio firepower

They say you can not improve on perfection, but Germany’s Emilia Auto is giving it a shot. The company has resurrected the classic Alfa Romeo GT coupe by stuffing it with the engine from a modern Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio.

Unveiled in 1963 the Alfa Romeo GT became an icon thanks to its elegant design and the proliferation of sporty variants like the GTV and GTA. This restomod, dubbed Emilia GT Veloce, aims to improve on the original in both styling and performance.

Power is provided by the aforementioned Quadrifoglio 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged V-6, which produces 500 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque. The engine is coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel drive.

Emilia GT Veloce

Emilia Auto also fitted the Brembo brakes and traction control system from the Giulia, as well as an electronic limited-slip differential and modern power steering. Independent suspension front and rear includes KW coilovers.

All of these components were not designed to fit under the sheetmetal of a stock GT coupe, something the restomod does not exactly hide. The taller hood and bulging fenders do at least give the Emilia GT Veloce a more aggressive look, and it rides on 19-inch wheels designed to look like the original GT pieces.

The interior looks largely original, right down to the large wood-trimmed steering wheel, but does have some modern touches like Recaro sport seats.

Emilia GT Veloce

Emilia Auto is currently taking orders for a production run of 22 cars, with pricing starting at 400,000 euros ($ 473,000 at current exchange rates). Alternatively, you can have an electric Alfa Romeo GTA from Italian firm Totem Automobili, complete with carbon-fiber bodywork, for 430,000 euros (approximately $ 508,670).

These Alfas are part of a growing trend of modern cars with styling cribbed from classics. There’s also the Ferrari 250 GTO-inspired Squalo from GTO Engineering and the RML Short Wheelbase, a tribute to the Ferrari 250 GT SWB. The Jenson Button-backed revival of British coachbuilder Radford has also cooked up a sports car inspired by the Lotus Type 62.

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