Ami leipzig audi to present a spectacular lineup of premieres.

AMI Leipzig: Audi to present a spectacular lineup of premieres

Ami leipzig audi to present a spectacular lineup of premieres.

Audi will present a spectacular lineup of premieres at the AMI Leipzig, along with its current model range. The product improvement of the Audi TT Roadster and Audi TT Coupeacute; will be shown to the public for the first time during the exhibition. Other highlights include the German premiere of the new Audi A1, the Audi A8 and the Audi RS 5 Coupeacute ;, the Audi e-tron show car and the car that won the 2009 DTM (German Touring Car Masters).

Visitors to the 2,300 square-meter (24,757 square-foot) Audi exhibition stand in Hall 1 will find no fewer than 25 production models and two show cars. The exhibition runs from April 9-18. The DKW Malzoni will participate in the traditional exhibit in the Glass Hall. In addition, Audi will again participate in the «AMI fuel-saving driving lesson» this year with three models.

Audi will be showing almost its entire current model range at the AMI Leipzig — from the Audi A1 to the company s flagship car, the Audi A8. Michael-Julius Renz, Head of Sales for Germany at AUDI AG, will present detailed information on the premieres, products and promotional activities during the Press conference on April 9 at 9 a.m. at the Audi exhibition stand (No. C02) in Hall 1.

DTM Champion Timo Scheider will also take part in the press conference. The product improvement of the Audi TT will celebrate its world premiere in Leipzig. To mark the 30th anniversary of quattro, the Coupeacute; and Roadster continue building upon the successful history of the TT models. The new Audi A1 will also be making its first appearance at an exhibition in Germany. Urban, sporty and individual — they re all hallmarks of the smallest Audi model. It offers customers a wide range of possibilities for customization, the latest technology in its sophisticated infotainment system, and high efficiency coupled with an extraordinarily fun driving experience.

Audi has taken up the task of lowering fuel consumption and CO2 levels — with the focus on further advancements in the combustion engine and its environment. High priority is also placed on further development of alternative drive systems, such as electromobility. This is right in keeping with the concept behind the Detroit show car Audi e-tron, which will also be exhibited in Leipzig.

Right next to the new-car exhibit, this year Audi will also be offering attractive, recent Audi company cars for sale under the «Audi Approved: plus» brand. Prospective customers will find a wide range of Audi models filling the 660 square-meter (7,104 square-foot) exhibition area, along with information about the «Audi Approved: plus» brand.

Once again this year, Audi will participate in the «AMI fuel-saving driving lesson» with three Audi cars. This event, sponsored by the German Motor Vehicle Importers Association (VDIK), teaches exhibition visitors highly efficient driving techniques. Professional trainers will demonstrate techniques for lowering fuel consumption with an Audi A3, an Audi A4 and an Audi A6.

In addition to the exhibition of car models, the Audi stand will also feature many promotional activities. Guests can try out the Xbox game «Forza III» and compete against each other in this car race. There will also be prize drawings for two DTM VIP packages. The packages include direct access for the winners to the driver paddocks. DTM driver Timo Scheider will sign autographs for an hour at the Audi stand on April 10, starting at 11 a.m. At 1 p.m., the DTM champion will take his place on a so-called «celebrity sofa» in the Glass Hall.

«Hidden Treasures» is the theme for this year s edition of the traditional exhibition in the Glass Hall. Audi will participate with a DKW Malzoni, a full-blooded 1 965 sport coupeacute; with a 60 hp two-stroke, three-cylinder engine.

Audi updates MMI system for 2010 A3, TT and R8

Audi’s Multi-Media Interface, which is arguably the best of the various all-in-one graphical user interface systems favored, has just got better.

According to Audi, resolution on the system’s 6.5-inch screen is getting bumped up to 800 x 480, route calculation will happen faster with a 600 MHz processor, and you can scroll along the route — not just vertically and horizontally — and get speed limit data on highways.

Additionally, the system will also finally charge external MP3 players that are plugged in to the system, song titles will be displayed,

The new A3, TT, and R8 will be the first to benefit from next-step MMI when they arrive in Stateside dealerships in the autumn. U.S. pricing has not been announced yet, but you can read about all of the next-gen system’s new bells and whistles in the press release after the jump.

Updated Audi navigation system plus

** Available in U.S. model year 2010 Audi vehicles mentioned below, arriving at U.S. dealers in Fall 2009 **

— 800 x 480 pixel, high-resolution graphics

— Significantly faster route calculation

— Available in the Audi A3, TT and R8

INGOLSTADT, Germany, Jun 30 2009 — The new Audi navigation system plus with MMI (Multi Media Interface) operating logic in the A3, TT and R8 offers improved screen resolution and unmatched route calculation speed. The radio-navigation system, version E (RNS-E), can be combined with the Audi music interface and reads up to 32 GB SD memory cards. The new system is available immediately and costs between 2,270 and 2,565 euros, depending on the model.

The most obvious improvement are the 800 x 480 pixel, high-resolution graphics displayed on the 6.5-inch screen. Route calculation is blazingly fast thanks to a latest-generation processor clocked at 600 MHz. In addition to the recommended lane, the split-screen display now also shows speed limits taken from the navigation data for freeways and highways. In topographic map view, the driver and front passenger can scroll vertically, horizontally and now also along the route as they wish.

External storage media or MP3 players such as an iPod can be attached via the Audi music interface, which is available to customers as optional equipment. Another new benefit is that it charges the external devices.

The navigation system plus now features the intuitive operating logic of the media playback menu, which can also be found in the latest Audi MMI systems. Title information is now displayed, making it easier to search through the music collection.

A Bluetooth adapter for the Audi music interface available at retail stores enables wireless music playback from a mobile phone or MP3 player. There is no need to visit the dealership just to keep the Audi music interface up to date: Updates can be downloaded free of charge from / mp3 and transferred to the car via a USB stick.

On the back of the display, which can be folded away at the push of a button, are two slots for SD and SDHC cards with capacities of up to 32 GB. That is enough for up to 14,000 songs — 700 hours or one month of uninterrupted listening enjoyment.

Also new is the optical parking assistant. In the Audi R8 it can be combined with the rearview camera. In addition to acoustic warning signals, the distance to the front and to the rear is now displayed optically on the high-resolution display. When combined with the rearview camera, the graphics from the parking assistant are superimposed over the live image from the camera.

Audi TTS Coupe

ТТС Купе

Ціни на нові комплектації Audi TTS Coupe (ТТС Купе) в Росії

Опис Audi TTS Coupe

Офіційна прем’єра Audi TTS нового покоління відбулася в Женеві. Широку публіку до машини поки не пускають, але перші фото і технічні характеристики редакцію вже є. Двухдверка з дволітровим турбомотором скинула півцентнера ваги, стала коротшою (до 4,18 метра) і вузької (1,83 метра). Колісна база при цьому виросла до 2,5 метра, що майже на 4 сантиметри довше, ніж у попередниці. Висота не змінилася.

Новий Audi TT побудований на просторовій алюмінієво-сталевий рамі Audi Space Frame. Купе нового покоління запропонують з одним з трьох моторів. Базовий видасть 184 бензиновий конячки або 380 Нм крутного моменту (перша сотня такій машині підкориться за 7,2 секунди, максималка — 235 км / ч). Більш потужний бензиновий агрегат розвине 230 конячок і 370 Нм тяги (6 секунд до сотні з механікою і переднім приводом, пікова швидкість — 250 км / ч) .

Той же дволітровий мотор пропонують і в форсованому виконанні для гарячої модифікації TTS. Тут вже 310 кінських сил, але ті ж 380 Нм крутного моменту. Перша сотня червоному повнопривідному спорткару дається за 4,7 секунди, а максимальна швидкість обмежена позначкою в 250 кілометрів на годину. Електроніку машини також оновили. Повноприводна трансмісія quattro стала передбачати дорожні умови і міняти налаштування на ходу. Топовий Audi TT оснащений адаптивними амортизаторами, шестиступінчастою коробкою S tronic і дозволить водієві відключити систему стаблілізаціі.

У списку опцій нового Audi TT з’явилися матричні передні фари, дебют яких, як ми пам’ятаємо, відбувся на рестайлінгової моделі Audi A8. У салоні можна знайти спортивні крісла, світлодіодне підсвічування елементів інтер’єру, а також підігрів сидінь. За кермом нового TTS — цифрова приладова панель діагоналлю 12,3 дюйма. Чи не поскупилися німці і на інші «екранчики». Дрібні дисплеї вбудували навіть в кнопки кнопки управління кліматичною установкою, які тепер розташовані логічно — прямо на повітроводах.

Габаритні розміри Audi TTS Coupe (ТТС Купе)

довжина: 4191 мм, ширина: 1832 мм, висота: 1343 мм, кліренс: мм, база: 2505 мм

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